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Kuvassa norsuunluurannikkolainen nainen istuu ulkona.

HREDD is here to stay – are you ready?

Published in HREDD Newsletter/November 2022 issue Maija interviewed Daniel Crampton, Fairtrade Germany, in November 2022. Becoming a thought leader A…

HREDD: Risk map

Fairtrade Risk Map supports HREDD efforts of our key stakeholders

Published in November 2022 newsletter

Käsien välissä nyöri, jota punotaan.

Overview of the past 6 months and next steps

Published in July 2022 Newsletter


Criticism against certifications and auditing amplifies

Published in November 2021 newsletter


Progress updates on HREDD work

Published in November 2021 newsletter


What’s new in our HREDD work?

What have we achieved in our different work streams in Q1-Q2? What is next in line?


New Fairtrade Grievance Mechanism

Workers have a louder voice in the new system


Fairtrade members and FTAO lobbying for national and European due diligence laws

Published in HRDD Newsletter/March 2021 issue Table of contents Belgium The Netherlands Luxembourg Germany Austria Switzerland Finland Sweden The United…


Implementing the UNGPs in Sub-Saharan Africa – Status of the National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights

Published in HRDD Newsletter/March 2021 Texts provided by Martin Oyosa Mubisi and Thomas Mukhebi/Fairtrade Africa Table of contents Kenya Uganda…


Fairtrade’s HRDD work is expanding

Where are we now in developing our HRDD-related business services, internal systems, advocacy work and research?


Fairtrade coffee break with Subindu

”My dream could be that all human rights are respected, there is fair and decent wage for producers and workers…


General overview of Human Rights Due Diligence and Fairtrade’s commitment to the approach

Interested in Human Rights Due Diligence basics, but not sure you have the time for the whole webinar recording? Read…