Fairtrade Finland

The purpose of Fairtrade Finland is to make it easy for consumers to choose ethically and reliably monitored products, and to communicate information about the system of Fairtrade certification. The Fairtrade Finland association also oversees the use of the Fairtrade emblem in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The association itself is not a trading partner.

Fairtrade Finland strives to grow within Finland the direct benefits of increased Fairtrade channels for developing countries, as the association’s primary function is to support smallholder farmers and the employees of large farms in developing countries.

Fairtrade Finland is part of the international Fairtrade network comprising producer organisations in the south, Fairtrade organisations all over the world, and the umbrella organisation Fairtrade International.

Contact details

Fairtrade Finland
Kuortaneenkatu 1, 4th floor
00520 Helsinki
Phone +358 45 127 5179

Staff emails are formed as follows: givenname.surname@fairtrade.fi

Sari Ignatius Manager, Finance and Administration

+358 45 643 2032

Mirka Kartano Manager, Communications and Marketing

+358 44 210 0056

media relations, brand, campaigns, external communications and marketing

Tuija Kopra Manager, Commercial relations

+358 50 559 5640

retail chains, coffee, fruits and vegetables

Marika Laine Marketing Specialist


web site, logo inquiries, marketing, social media

Jatta Makkula Specialist

+358 40 549 4521

Civil Society and Public Procurement

Tytti Nahi Manager, Advocacy

+358 40 772 4247

Jasmin Rautakorpi Office assistant

+358 45 127 5179

Maija Seppälä Programme Specialist

+358 50 573 4709

development cooperation: Latin America & MEL

Janne Sivonen Executive Director

+358 44 356 9369

Teemu Sokka Programme Manager

+358 50 522 2354

development cooperation: programme development & Africa

Jenni Sundberg Licensing Manager

+358 45 890 7130

product approvals, supply chain services

Juha Tanskanen Key Account Specialist

+358 41 317 8887

horeca, tea and wine

Meri Hyrske-Fischer Human Rights Coordinator

+358 40 595 9120