Reporting a concern  

Fairtrade Finland is committed to transparency, accountability and creating a safe environment for everyone we work with. If you suspect any misconduct by our staff or partners, you can submit a complaint below.  

What to report  

You can report any complaint related to witnessed or suspected cases of corruption (including e.g. bribery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, conflict of interest or favouritism), sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment, discrimination, bullying or other wrongdoing.  


All reported allegations will be handled confidentially. The rights, needs, safety and privacy of potential victims will always be protected. We encourage you to leave your contact details, as this will help us investigate the case. However, reporting a complaint anonymously is always an option. Anyone who submits a complaint has the right to be protected against retaliation. 

Handling of reported cases  

All submitted reports will be carefully assessed and investigated. Note that sometimes investigating complex cases can take up to several weeks or months. If you have provided your contact details, you may be contacted for further information.  

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