Fairtrade Finland’s development cooperation

Workers and farmers have the right to a sustainable livelihood and to a dignified life. With our development cooperation programme DONUTS (Dignified Opportunities Nurtured through Trade and Sustainability, 2022-2025), we support the realization of human rights throughout supply chains.

Fairtrade’s vision is a world in which all small-scale producers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential, and decide on their future. However, the Fairtrade certification standards alone are not enough to achieve this vision. Our development cooperation programme offers complementary solutions that promote transformative change in farmers and workers’ lives.

Fairtrade Finland’s development cooperation focuses on tackling persistent development challenges, such as climate change, deforestation, forced and child labour, poverty, and discrimination. We promote the inclusion of vulnerable groups, like women, youth and persons living with disabilities. We work to increase the producers’ awareness of their human rights, and their capacities to demand and protect them. Furthermore, we advocate for more sustainable supply chains by influencing companies, governments, and consumers locally and internationally.

Fairtrade Finland’s development cooperation is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, several companies selling Fairtrade products, and various Fairtrade organizations including Fairtrade Finland.

Programme inspired by the Doughnut Economy model

Donitsitalouden malli kuvattuna.
The Doughnut Economy is a model that seeks an environmentally safe and socially just space where humanity can thrive between social and planetary boundaries. Illustration: Inka Asikanius

The programme’s Theory of Change is based on economist Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economy model. Our aim is to lift small-scale farmers and workers above the social foundation of sustainable life without fracturing the planet’s ecological ceiling.

The DONUTS programme’s overarching themes are social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Gender equality and the rights of youth and vulnerable groups are seen as cross-cutting objectives. More information is available in our Programme Document.

The programme consists of projects in Africa and Latin America

  • The projects in East Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia) focus on sustainable coffee production, climate resilience, and workers’ rights on flower farms.
  • The West African projects (Ghana and Ivory Coast) aim to eradicate child and forced labor, prevent deforestation, and improve livelihoods in the cocoa sector.
  • In Southern Africa (Madagascar, Malawi and South Africa), we support sustainable vanilla production, clean energy solutions in the sugar sector in Malawi, and promote the rights of workers in the wine sector.
  • Our Latin American projects (Bolivia and Honduras) support climate-resistant coffee production and coffee farmers’ livelihoods. The project in Honduras ended in 2022.
  • In addition, the programme includes a regional HREDD-dialogue project in Africa.


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Reporting a concern  

Fairtrade Finland is committed to transparency, accountability and creating a safe environment for everyone we work with. If you suspect any misconduct by our staff or partners, you can submit a complaint below.  

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Do you have questions about Fairtrade Finland’s development cooperation? Contact our team:

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Programme Manager

Strategic development of the programme, Latin America and Southern Africa

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Anu Eskonheimo

Programme Specialist

Strategic development of the programme, East Africa

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Elina Voipio

Programme Specialist

Strategic development of the programme, West Africa

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Jasmin Hämeri

Programme and Human Rights Specialist

Strategic development of the programme, some work time allocated to the Fairtrade HREDD Centre of Excellence

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