2021 Webinar #1: Speaking to Licensees about Fairtrade sourcing and HREDD

Organized in January 2021. Learn more about our HREDD O2B as soon as a company sources Fairtrade.

Webinar materials

About the Webinar

Which topics?

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore and discuss our HREDD Offer to Business and how to “talk the language” of Business and Human Rights when selling our services.

The HREDD Working Group has recently finished a material package explaining what Fairtrade offers with regards to HREDD as soon as a company sources Fairtrade. The materials include both internal documents to increase our understanding and ready-to-use resources for external meetings. The workshop will provide an overview of these newly launched materials and a platform for questions and comments.

How to prepare?

In order to get the best out of this session, 

Also, please read the presentations or listen to the recordings of our Webinar #1 on “HREDD Basics” and Webinar #5 on “HREDD & O2B”.

Who will guide you through?

Tytti Nahi, Lead of Fairtrade’s HRDD Center of Excellence
Linda Wagner, Former HRDD O2B subgroup lead, Fairtrade Germany
Subindu Garkhel, Member, HRDD O2B subgroup, Fairtrade Foundation UK

Webinar recording:

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Materials to download:

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