Webinar #5: HREDD laws and our advocacy work

Organized in October 2020. Learn more about the ongoing regulatory processes related to HREDD.

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About the Webinar

Which topics?

Join the webinar to gain an overview of ongoing regulatory processes related to Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence around the world – including Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean – with a particular focus on the status of EU-negotiations. What do we know about the potential content of the EU regulation?

We will also discuss Fairtrade’s recently published Vision for Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence, which outlines our position and provides concrete recommendations on how to strengthen legal frameworks for responsible business conduct.

Who will guide you through?

Tytti Nahi, Lead of the Fairtrade HRDD Center of Excellence, has years of experience in providing training workshops and webinars to different audiences in the field of business and human rights.

Fabienne Yver, Member of the HRDD advocacy subgroup. Fabienne follows closely the legislative developments at the EU in her role as project coordinator at the Fair trade Advocacy Office.

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