Webinar #2 HREDD at Fairtrade, part 1

Organized in September 2020. Learn more about how HREDD work is organized at Fairtrade.

Webinar materials

About the Webinar

During this webinar we will look at how HREDD work is organized at Fairtrade and what we are currently doing to strengthen Fairtrade’s advocacy, offer to business and related internal policies and processes.

We’ll take a look at what Fairtrade’s Human Rights Commitment contains and discover how our next strategy is approaching HREDD. We will also discuss how our HREDD work benefits Producer Organisations.

Who will guide you through?

Tytti Nahi, Lead of the Fairtrade HREDD Center of Excellence, has years of experience in providing training workshops and webinars to different audiences in the field of business and human rights.

Marike de Pena, past president of Fairtrade International and CLAC, is currently amongst other chairing CAN and contributing actively in the HREDD Working Group. She is hard to beat when it comes to expertise in supporting and empowering producers.

Konstantina Geroulakou, Social compliance officer in CLAC and involved with the HREDD work at Fairtrade since 2018.

Meri Hyrske-Fischer, Human Rights Coordinator at Fairtrade HREDD Center of Excellence, is specializing in business and human rights and knows well international human rights scenery.

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