What’s new in our HREDD work?

What have we achieved in our different work streams in Q1-Q2? What is next in line?

Published in HREDD Newsletter/June 2021 issue

System development and Offer to Business

  • The Growth Task Force, set by FET, has assessed Fairtrade’s (potential) commercial partners’ needs and expectations of HREDD services. The Task Force finds that customer demand for HREDD services is “significant” in a number of NFOs, and “HREDD service offer that demonstrates our expertise is targeted to create new and additional sourcing volumes”. Further, “HREDD needs to be a key USP of Fairtrade over RFA”. Please see the assessment here.
  • Risk and impact assessment services: The HREDD WG has started defining what kinds of risk and impact assessment services would serve the needs and expectations of Fairtrade farmers, workers and commercial partners. Please see here a presentation from the related workshop. As background, the WG has held webinars to learn about:
    • the services Oxfam Business Advisory Services currently offer
    • the Fairtrade Risk Map service currently developed by HREDD COE
    • other services being considered by Flocert
  • Standards: The work to incorporate HREDD into Fairtrade Standards is progressing, with HREDD being discussed especially in the context of finalizing the new coffee standard, the ongoing cocoa standard review, and planning the upcoming trader standard. More information to follow in the next newsletter!
  • Partnerships: FI External Relations and HREDD COE has facilitated an interactive HREDD WG workshop to start mapping and prioritising potential partners for our HREDD work. Noting that Fairtrade Strategy 2025 puts great emphasis on all types of partnerships as a source of greater impact and credibility and also the ability to mobilize resources, develop commercial offerings, learn, we started with mapping all conventional and wild ideas for possible partners. As the (first) priority areas for partnerships, HREDD WG members voted the areas of Risk and impact assessment, Due diligence among traders and licensees, and Human rights capacity building for POs.
Picture: Sinenhlanhla Buthelezi

Contact: Lead, CoE, Tytti Nahi (tytti.nahi@fairtrade.fi)

Capacity building

  • CLAC, with the support of HREDD CoE, is currently developing new assets on HREDD basics in Spanish and Portuguese. The final outputs – infographics and a short video – will be ready in September. The aim of the project is to inform different target groups in CLAC region, including SPO board and staff members, of what HREDD is, and what it means for POs.
  • SPO guideline materials: HREDD related refinements are currently considered in Fairtrade’s cocoa standard review and some new criteria have already been approved for the coffee standard (SPOs need to have a HREDD policy, HR risk assessment and monitoring and remediation system). We are currently planning a set of guidance and training materials to PNs which clarify Fairtrade’s approach and support SPOs in designing and implementing HREDD. This project is about creating guidelines and training outlines that PNs can utilize when training SPO staff and lead farmers on due diligence work. In addition to supporting the work of PNs and SPOs, the guidelines will steer future assurance work and Standard reviews.
  • Past Webinars and training sessions:
    • June 2021: At the 7th Africa Fairtrade Convention FTA organised a session on HREDD, moderated by Tytti and with the participation of Marike in her role as GM of BANELINO, Judy Njino, Executive Director of Global Compact Kenya and Joecel D. Palacios from Dama Farm Workers Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association, Philippines (via video greeting)
    • June 2021: An HREDD partnership mapping workshop
    • June 2021: A 3-part webinar of Risk and Impact Assessment services, with inputs also from Oxfam and FLOCERT
    • May 2021: A webinar for CEOs
    • March 2021: Real life examples of HRDD related business service -webinar
    • January 2021: Speaking to Licensees about Fairtrade sourcing & HREDD – webinar
  • Upcoming Webinars and training sessions:
    • @ New FI Board members (as part of their induction training)
    • @ Standards Committee
    • @ all, an E-learning module on HREDD (Q4)

In relation to the EU advocacy opportunities, we are also envisaging to draft a letter/position to engage licensees to support our messages.

Contact: Human rights coordinator, CoE, Meri Hyrske-Fischer (meri.hyrske-fischer@fairtrade.fi)


  • Advocacy subgroup members gathered for a workshop in June to discuss Fairtrade strategy in influencing the EU level mHREDD. The EU legislative proposal has been delayed at least until Q3/2021. As soon as the proposal comes out, we will analyse it and revise our messaging according to the proposal. What we want to achieve is living incomes, trading and pricing practices and small farmers as rights-holders referenced in the upcoming HREDD regulation.
  • The advocacy subgroup members consider important to influence national policy makers as a means to input EU regulation; on the other hand they said they don’t have enough resources to do so. To address this problem and the need to have robust EU laws (both on DD and deforestation related products entering the EU market) the advocacy subgroup contacted Fairtrade CEOs to further raise their awareness of the urgency to act now and not later. The advocacy subgroup, with the support of FTAO and an external consultant, are working on concrete tools and guidance and will share them with Fairtrade members based in the EU. It is important to mobilize in order to achieve the inclusion of ”our language” in the forthcoming Due Diligence regulations.
  • In relation to the EU advocacy opportunities, we are also envisaging to draft a letter/position to engage licensees to support our messages. We will contact NFOs to have as many licensees as possible involved in the campaign, planned for social media.
  • A Fairtrade Position on the role of voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) in HREDD legislation has been published. Read more here.

Contact: Lead of Advocacy subgroup Alice Lucas (alice.lucas@fairtrade.org.uk)

Would you like to inform Fairtrade members of your ongoing HREDD work? Please let us hear about it and we’ll include it in the next newsletter, planned for October!