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In this section we post key materials related to HREDD. All four language versions of the publication: ”How does Fairtrade mitigate human rights violations in global supply chains?” and the current HREDD related Offer to Business material package can be found here. Scroll further down to find our HREDD guides for SPOs, HLOs (soon available) and small traders (available in Q4/2022). You can also glance through our previous newsletters in the archives at the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for updates!

Our key position papers and statements

HREDD GUIDE FOR SPOs: Implementing Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence: Why and How to align your policies and processes with HREDD

A guide targeted at smallholder farmers to strengthen their position and those of workers in global supply chains and arm them with the know-how to influence companies on HREDD practices. The guide builds on the UNGPs and gives a general overview of a process of creating a full HREDD process. The guide also provides examples of a Child Labour and Child Protection Policy; Action Plan and Proposed Indicators for Fairtrade Risk Assessment.

HREDD Offer to Business materials

What HREDD support is included in Fairtrade license fees? You can use the below materials to discuss that with (potential) licensees. If you wish to have the presentation in ppt-format, please contact

PUBLICATION: How does Fairtrade mitigate human rights violations in global supply chains?

Why a publication? To show Fairtrade’s relevance to key stakeholders who are well-versed with HREDD but puzzled about Fairtrade’s role in HREDD work and discussions. They may work as experts in NGOs, companies, academia or ministries. What makes us relevant and unique? How do we mitigate violations in supply chains? No new research, based on existing studies and expertise.

Newsletter Archive

HREDD CoE produces an internal Newsletter 3-4 times a year. We update our readers with progress reports from the Working Group, news from partners and Fairtrade members as well as articles on recent trends in Business and Human Rights.

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