Workshops, webinars and more!

The HREDD Working Group organizes webinars and workshops to increase Fairtrade staff understanding about the concept of business and human rights and to raise awareness on what HREDD concretely means for Fairtrade, its commercial partners, farmers and workers.

Welcome to learn more on human rights and environmental due diligence

Our internal webinars are targeted at all Fairtrade staff (at FI, NFOs, FMOs, PNs, FLOCERT) who are interested in learning what HREDD means and why we at Fairtrade are increasingly talking about it.

We are in a better position to contribute to the empowerment of farmers and workers when we all have first achieved better understanding of the business and human rights scenery and Fairtrade’s role in it.

Did you miss our webinar?

You can listen to the recordings and watch the presentations afterwards by clicking the event page.
Please note that webinar recordings and presentation slides are only for Fairtrade staff. You are not allowed to share them outside Fairtrade.